Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Proposal

I Proposed my fiancee with this piece I wrote the night before my Engagement

Once upon a time
There was a boy,
Who thought that,
Love was a fad

He saw his friends,
Falling in love,
And though,Boy! its not me
And felt glad

Then he met,
A cute girl,
Who was the daughter
of a friend of his dad.

Talking to her,
Made him feel estatic,
He thought
Am I going mad?

After going home,
He felt happy,
For a while,
Then he felt sad

Later on
he realised,
saying Goodbye,
Made him feel bad

After a lot of
he went and talked
to his dad

He said,
Dad I am in love,
Can you go
talk to her dad

And now I stand
in front of you
Like a rocket,
On a launch pad

Oh dear girl,
I am in love with you,
And for your love,
I wanna go mad.

At the end of it all
I would like to say
In front of you all
On this day

The time is fine,
The moon it shines

I wanna be forever with you,
Would you like to be forever

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Love is Drug

Love is a Drug,
for sure,
Don't you dare deny with a shrug,
no cure.

Billions are affected,
Millions are rejected,
But still they are addicted,
for more.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Attitude

I am,
A little bit of Lonliness,
A little bit of disregard,
But what I am,
Is a complete Retard.

Retard for this feelings I have,
For the things that I hate,
Coz what I have and what I hate,
Is no one's Business or Gait.

Its not my fault,
That I don't listen to you,
Its all internally default.

In fact, when I don't,
Is a fact that I won't,
And a fact that's over blown,
From the start.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Million Confused Emotions

When I see you,
I have a Million,

A part of me says,
How Beautiful are your eyes,
A part of me says,
How stupid are your lies,
A part of me says,
I would die for that walk,
A part of me says,
How much does she talk.

All this Emotion,
Is creating Confusion.

When I see you,
I have a Million,

A part of me says,
To ask you for a date,
A part of me says,
No its not in your fate,
A part of me says,
Make a conversation,
A part of me is scared,
Of her intimidation.

All this Emotion,
Is creating Commotion.

When I see you,
I have a Million,

A part of  me weighs,
The pro's and con's,
A part of  me calculates,
The maintenance cost,
A part of me sings,
A love song,
A part of me says,
To leave you alone.

All this Confusion,
And all this Commotion,
Is making me run,
Away !!

Here is a Sneak Preview of what I am working on

A Million Confused Emotion (Intro2) by Harry Paddy

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Story of a Breadwinner

Day and Night,
People fight,
Yet they are
Just so Far,
From this dark Tunnel's End light.

No Mercy,
No Pity,
This Cruel world,
Crushes them with all its might.

Up they get,
Shake off the dust,
And double their Bet,
Never losing sight,
of their Target.

And in the end,
After all the amends,
Sacrifices and Adjustments,
The wall is breached,
And his goals achieved.

This is the story of  a bread winner,
with several mouths to feed,
Who is lost in that task,
To reduce the burden on those who succeed.

Not the orthodox style of writing. Experimenting with words and Paragraph placements. Hope you enjoy it.