Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trust Me by Rajashree

My Cousin got gift vouchers worth 2k from Crosswords. For those who dont know what it is, its a Retail Bookstore with lots of nice books. And believe me when i say they do have some real nice books, especially the Indian Authors. Instead of buying some Stationary and those useless and costly stuff they have other than the books, I decided to invest wisely and get some books. Not that i keep track of authors and stuff, so I had a pretty hard time finding and hunting for good books, coz every other book sounded nice, and i was on a tight budget.

So I bought 7 books, out of which one has just jokes in it, while another one is by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar (My Mom is the one who got that one, shez into philosophical books very much). Out of the remaining 5, astonishingly enough, I bought 4 of them by Indian Authors. Guess what its just 3 days and I finished off reading one of the book already!!

The book is titled Trust Me, and is by Rajashree. I dont know if she is famous or so, but the book sure is Superb. The story is about the author, who was working as an Designer in an Advertisement Agency, and a part of her life. How she suffered after her ex dumped her, just becoz she was Pregnant. How she had to go through life after abortion. She quits the Advertisement Agency and joins a Film Studio, as a Trainee, assisting in various jobs, where she gets to know the several evils prevalent in the industry, such as Casting Couch etc, which pisses her off to the core. Later she runs into this Movie Star called Rahul Kapoor (No he isnt related to any Kapoors), who is by the way, plays a supporting role in the movie for which the author is working for and who completly falls for her and keeps on flirting with her. Our Author is in love with him too but is scared to "Trust Him" becoz of her past experiences and becoz of her friend's bfs. Overall, its Comedy and Romance mixing together to give u a nice storyline and a jolly good read. Oh yeah, the entire story is set in mumbai, so you are bound to feel closely related to the story even more, as she names familiar places and the entire Novel is filled with filmi dialogues. Go get the book and read, if u have time that is, lol


Rajashree said...

Dear Harry,

Hi! Thanks a ton for the compliments about my novel. But, hey, it's fiction, not autobiography! I guess it's understandable for people to assume that, since I've been working in the Bombay film industry, like the protagonist. But, bhidu, I'm not like Paro at all !:-)

Thanks for linking to my website http://www.rajashree.in
However, I think there's something wrong with the link, perhaps there's another format for linking to a site outside blogger.

I enjoyed reading your blog. All the best!

Warm regards,

Harry Paddy said...

Hey Rajashree,

Thanks for reading my blog.

Strangly I didnt do anything to link my post to your website. lol

Are you coming out with new books??

Have a nice time!